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Four Small Ivory Coast Villages Show Appreciation for ICMRT Nets

Racing Against Malaria in Africa

World Malaria Day April 25

Fundraising Gala 2007

She ran 26 miles to help fight Malaria in Ivory Coast

Together We Can Save Lives and Reduce the Suffering caused by this Silent Killer - Malaria!

ICMRT Presents Information at Qwest Field Campaign for Public Employees Charitable Giving Programs

Press Release Bellevue, WA - February 7, 2003

Press Release Bothell Church Comes To The Aid Of Ivory Coast Refugees

Press Release November 19, 2004

COTE D IVOIRE Private AIDS Clinic brings hope to Abidjan slum

COTE D IVOIRE Nationwide HIV/AIDS prevalence survey to be launched in November

COTE D IVOIRE Funding Needed Urgently as schools resume

Second Annual ICMRT Pool Party & Barbecue a Big Success!

The latest shipment arrived in Abidjan!!!

Seattle Spirit Wins Championship and ICMRT raises more than $1,500



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