Campaign To Help Duékoué Refugees Return Home

Dear Friends of ICMRT:

Situation as of February 2012
20 metric tons of Portland cement and 830 sheets of corrugated roofing panels were officially offered by ICMRT to Caritas of the Man Diocese on February 6th 2012. The ceremony was held in the presence of Koffi Vincent, ICMRT representative in Ivory Coast, Father Ahouré Cyprien, vicar of the Duékoué Catholic mission, the Prefect of the Duékoué department and a local woman representing displaced families. Father Cyprien Ahouré, who accepted the donation on behalf of Caritas-Man could hardly hide his emotions as he thanked the great generosity of ICMRT. The event was covered and reported by two local newspapers, Fraternité Matin and Le Nouveau Courier.

Situation as of September 2011
ICMRT campaign netted about $5,000. We thank our generous donors for their contribution. ICMRT local representative, Vincent Koffi, and Father Ahouré Cyprien, vicar of the Duékoué Catholic mission, have been working the logistics of purchasing construction materials in Abidjan, the capital city, and shipping it by truck to the Catholic Church of Duékoué, located 360 miles away. The Apostolic Nuncio has also offered to purchase gas for transportation to Duékoué.

ICMRT Immediate Aid Campaign: ICMRT has decided to launch a special effort to provide needed aid to the displaced families. We evaluated multiple opportunities for funding with a focus on impact, effectiveness and the ability to direct the use of funds for a specific purpose.

After reviewing many worthy opportunities, we decided to partner with Caritas-CI to fund building materials for immediate use to restore homes for displaced families. This need was identified by our local resources as urgent and not addressed by the government or other NGO’s, and is simple and compelling: by providing concrete and sheet metal roofing materials, work will begin immediately to restore houses for displaced families so they can begin the return to a stable life. Caritas-CI is the local member of Caritas-International, a humanitarian and social-services organization of the Catholic Church.

Situation in Ivory Coast - June 2011
In the wake of the contested presidential election, the political crisis is subsiding and security is returning. However, tens of thousands of displaced Ivoirians are living in refugee camps and many have had their homes destroyed. The situation is particularly difficult in the West – in Duekoue, an estimated 30,000 displaced people have taken refuge in a Catholic church compound.

These refugees escaped the summary executions that resulted in hundreds of deaths. The United Nations said that 330 people had been killed, while aid organizations put the death toll as high as 1,000*.