Together We Can Save Lives and Reduce the Suffering caused by this Silent Killer – Malaria!

Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria in Africa alone! In order to help control and curb the terrible effect of malaria, ICMRT has joined the urgent struggle against this disease because we believe we can "Free Africa from Malaria NOW!" as this year’s Africa Malaria Day slogan calls for. Malaria is a disease that has simple prevention and treatment methods but whose effect remains devastating the population of over 42 countries in Africa including the Ivory Coast (IC). Unfortunately given the political situation the government of IC has not been focused, understandingly, on this killer disease, and this is reflected in part in the fact that the most recent information on malaria is from 2001. The current government program to combat the disease is one of the many programs that were left behind when the war started.

According to 2001 statistics, malaria constituted 42% of morbid states, 69% of the hospitalizations, and 15% of all mortalities in the IC. The most vulnerable population is children under the age of 5 and pregnant women. The annual incident rate continuously rises each year by about 63 cases per 1000. The fact that these statistics are from before the war when medical facilities were still functioning and the economy was thriving helps to give us an understanding of how great the need is today. ICMRT’s Malaria program continues to be formulated around relevant research that seeks to better understand how to ensure we build a foundation for success, and bring hope to million of African families. There is hope through simple treatments, education, and preventative methods and this is where ICMRT hopes to meet the need. The program will include the procurement and distribution of lifesaving insecticide-treated mosquito nets, one of the most effective methods for the prevention of malaria. We are also working with local partners with tremendous expertise, human resources, and infrastructure, because we understand that tackling and defeating malaria requires an effective partnership with those we are trying to help.

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