Race Against Malaria in Ivory Coast!

I chose to ride in the 212 miles (340 km) 2008 Group Health Seattle to Portland (STP) Bicycle Classic on July 12-13, 2008 to raise money for the purchase of mosquito nets to distribute free of charge in small Ivory Coast villages. Why am doing this? Ivory Coast has seriously been set back by a devastating civil war in 2002 that left its health care program in dire need of help. Already the number one cause of hospitalization and death among children under 5, malaria is worse today because the war has diverted a lot of needed resources.

The country, once among the most economically advanced in Africa may not achieve one of the Millennium Development Goals that malaria will no longer be a major cause of death by 2015. Even achieving the target of halving the mortality for 2010, the target set by the Roll Back Malaria partnership, in the country is doubtful.

I believe that meeting these goals in small communities is possible; so Saturday July 12, with 9000 other riders, I took off from the Montlake parking lot at the University of Washington and made it to Portland under a hot a 92 F (33 C) day. Over $5,600 was raised for this event, exceeding my goal of $5,000.

Thank you to all our generous donors!
Alain Adjorlolo, President ICMRT

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